Security Film

Security film is a much thicker and stronger layer than window tinting film. It is specially designed to bond to the glass creating a durable support for the entire pane of glass. Should the window or glass door be broken the security film holds it all together.

Stops Thieves

Even after glass has been shattered this security film will hold the window or glass door together and remain strong enough to prevent entry by thieves. Even with repeatedly hitting the broken window with an object, or kicking it, it is extremely difficult to gain access through glass protected with security film.

Security film is much cheaper and looks far better than installing security bars.

Protects from Injury

This security film is also used in areas where breaking glass has a high potential of injuring people. Public areas with overhead glass awnings are one common example where security film is used to limit these kinds of risks.

Lower Insurance Costs

Businesses that have received repeated break-ins and thefts often see increases in their insurance premiums. Applying security film and informing your insurance company that it has been applied may reduce your theft insurance rates.




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